You’re Invited To Join Us For The...

3-Day Masterclass

Release Shame, Stress & Burnout — So You Can Reclaim Your Juicy, Radiant Self, In the Bedroom and Beyond!


  • Stuck in the “man mode” hustle?

  • Overly critical of your body, perceived “flaws” and imperfections?

  • Frustrated with your dating life (or lack thereof)?

  • As if you and your partner feel more like friends/buddies than lovers?

  • Confused and questioning your relationship... your desires and purpose.

  • Stuck in comparison and despair?

  • Unclear about what you need to feel happy &  fulfilled?

In this Virtual Masterclass, you’ll shift the patterns that have been keeping you stuck

(and miserable) for years. Check out the details below and share with the women in your life…

It's so fun and empowering to do this with girlfriends.

Hi Love!  Aimee & Ellie here.

We’re trained Love, Sex, and Relationship Coaches, Co-Founders of our Company Desire on Fire, and two best friends on a mission to help you put pleasure first and own your feminine power.


We’re both ambitious women who spent many years feeling frozen and frustrated in our dating lives, until we discovered personal growth work focused on intimacy and desire. We’ve both gone on to create orgasmic bliss and wild, confident sensuality in all areas of life, and we’ve taught 1000's of women to do the same.


Seeing our clients become expressed and lit up AF is the best thing ever and we want to share this way of life with YOU!

This 3 Day Virtual Masterclass is for you if you’re ready to...

  • Create boundaries so you can say NO to what drains you and YES to what brings your sexy back

  • Slow down, connect with your body and feminine energy... in a safe and supportive environment

  • Lean into your sisterhood support and meet like-minded women from around the world

  • Bring the passion back into your relationship or marriage  

  • Take the reins of your dating life... flirt and play with confidence & have fun!

  • STOP hustling and stressing and enter a new paradigm of ease and pleasure

  • Up-level your sensual connections and start on the path to releasing pain, dryness, hormonal imbalances... rediscover your wet and wild self.

  • Release the STRESS and tap into your TURN ON again!


"Aimee + Ellie are so relatable and talk about real shit that women NEED to hear!"


"I learned that prioritizing my pleasure creates goodness for everyone around me"


"This work is truly changing my perspective... all women should have access and be given the permission to find their pleasure!!"


"The more you are in your pleasure, the more you are able to ask for what you want and be able to receive it."

What's included?

  • 1 Call Per Day (with recordings available afterward) - jam packed with knowledge and easy-to-follow steps to connect to your body and your pleasure

  • Practices and interactive exercises to help you heal shame, release blocks, and connect to your joy, your body, your desires, and your truth. All in about 30 minutes a day

  • Your own curated Personalized Desire Map that will have you walking away making feeling good a non-negotiable in your daily life

  • Private FB community of Sisterhood connection & inspiration with hundreds of women from all over the world to support your awakening journey

Whether you’re single, married, in a long-term relationship, or just starting to date again after a year and a half of social distancing... join us for 3 days focused on YOU!

When you’re shining bright, your magnet is on, and you’re feeling yourself... you can attract the nourishing affection, intimacy, and abundance you crave with EASE! 


This work has catapulted me into a tremendous period of growth, seeking alignment, pleasure, confidence, truth. I can't wait to bring more friends in the future! It's been SO amazing to have this during my heartbreak. It's truly helped me heal and navigate.


There is so much power in getting connected to pleasure in all aspects. I realised how much I am nourished by female conversations and bonding.





I would do this again because of all the amazing things I uncovered for myself that I had not even known previously. It’s created so much peace for me and a new excitement for dating again!



 Your Hosts 



Aimee Batuski & Ellie Montgomerie are Pleasure & Intimacy Experts, committed to women living turned-on, connected and satisfying lives. These women are the millennial authorities in the global movement of the new feminine.


They’ve worked side by side with some of the top Intimacy & Sexuality teachers in the world, including: Nicole Daedone, Founder of the worldwide movement “Orgasmic Meditation"; Regena Thomashauer (aka Mama Gena), Founder of the School of the Womanly Arts and NY times bestselling author; and Miss Jaiya, who created the “Erotic Blueprints” and has been hand selected by Tony Robbins to work with his platinum members on sexuality and relationships.


Aimee & Ellie's company, Desire on Fire, is teaching, training & inspiring a new generation of women to become powerful agents of change, who allow their desires and pleasure to lead the way as they step into a whole new world of freedom, manifestation and ease. Everyone is raving about their retreats and programs and they’ve taught thousands of women how to create wild, confident intimacy, hot sex and fulfilling relationships.